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Andrew visits Southern Germany

Designtage or Design Days was June 1-6.  It is a week long event designed and put on by the design students at Coburg University.

Berlin with Andrew

**stumble stones are placed all through out Germany in front of where someone was taken from their house to go to a concentration camp. 

Andrew comes to visit! June 2nd- 13th

After a rocky start with Andrew’s plane leaving him stranded in D.C. for a night, I got to see him for the first time in three months!  We started in Berlin with a short 2 day adventure.  Andrew arrived very tired but I think very excited to see Europe.  We did the Berlin City Walking Tour (the same I had done before but it is the best way to see a lot of the sites in a short period of time and I enjoyed seeing them again.)  We planned to do the fat tire bike tour but a very tired Andrew thought that wasn’t such a good idea. After the walking tour we headed to one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin, a little modern Thai place called Transit.  The next day was very full, we started with a full day tour to Sachsen Hausen Concentration Camp, located 45 mins by train out of the city.  Andrew had never been to one and I think its an experience that everyone should have. I originally wanted to go to Auswitz but after 2 I think I don’t need to see another.  We also visited the Reichstag (parliament bldg), East Side Gallery, the Holocaust Memorial for the Homosexual victims and had a break for a beer in a biergarten.  We finished the day by having a late dinner at a bar our tour guide had told us about and ordered the Berliner Platter for 2.  A wonderful spread of currywurst, potato wedges, salad, pretzel sticks,  prosiutto, brie, cheese spread, pickles and bread.

Early Friday morning we headed back to Coburg on an ICE train, getting in around noon.  Andrew enjoyed climbing the hill to my apartment and Coburg’s campus. ; )  We walked downtown to grab a Coburger Bratwurst for lunch, a new favorite of Andrews, and then I showed him the Designtage shop that my group had created.  We met up with Paul and went to the Haufbrauhaus where the rest of Designtage was set up.  The exhibits and all the individual student work were amazing. I chose Coburg partly because of Designtage so I was very excited to see how it would turn out.  We spent a couple nights at DT because that’s when all the fun happens, live music, bonfires, a biergarten and a cocktail bar and the outside light exhibits are amazing.  We spent a few more days in Coburg so that I could go to classes and take down the DT shop. Andrew saw the Veste one day and the 3 of us went to the city pool another day. As soon as Paul and I were done with our kitchen studio on Wednesday, the 3 of us took a train to a sea, by the Alps to the south of Munich, to enjoy the 85+ degree weather we were having.  We walked around and decided to get dinner to go so that we could eat by the water. 

Thursday we got up early to have enough time to get to the airport.  We were headed to a place where we could understand the language, see guys in funny black fur hats and ride on 2 story red buses.  London here we come!!  Paul and I were excited to fly again, we hadn’t since we came to Europe.  London was absolutely wonderful and definitely a place I need to go back to because 3 days wasn’t enough.  We took a shuttle bus from the airport and were immediately shocked to be on the wrong side of the road.  We spent the afternoon going to the Tate Modern Art Museum(free admission) and then after walking around a bit, we found a great place to eat by Portobello road called Prince Albert, a fun pub with Cider and great food.

The next day we did the City Walking Tour by our favorite company and afterwards they took us to a great place to get Fish ‘n’ Chips.  During the meal we meet a great guy, Bryce from Australia who had just finished studying in Sweden.  He joined us as we walked along to Thames, tried Oysters and walked on the Tower Bridge (and the London Bridge which just happens to be the most boring bridge ever…).  We went back to New Europe for the Ghosts and Gremlin Tour which talked about Jack the Ripper and the darker side of London!!  We finished off the day by having a late late dinner at an Indian restaurant off of “Curry Row.”

Our last day in London was spent pretty much doing the most random things ever. We met up with Bryce again and walked around the big shopping area of London, where we discovered the ONLY CHIPOTLE in Europe that just opened a month ago! HELLO LUCK!  So, lunch plans were made.  We also went to crazy awesome department store Harrods.  After a wonderful lunch of Chipotle, we found our way to Portobello Road Market which is like a giant Flea/Farmers Market down a really long street.  I loved it of course.  We finished the night by taking a double-decker bus to go find a pub to watch the first USA World Cup game against England.  We were brave.  We found food late and then headed back to the hostel to sleep for a short time before having to get up at 330 AM to make our flight by 730.

Sunday was spent in Munich, we went to BMW world and the Olympic Campus.  We wondered into the center of the city so Andrew could see the Rathaus (town hall) and Hofbrauhaus where he enjoyed a liter beer and giant pretzel.  We then went to the English Gardens and watched the surfers, enjoyed a nice long walk and ended in the beer garden.  We watched some world cup games and had a very german dinner of bratwurst and potatoes. We returned to the The tent (a crazy cheap hostel made of big party tents with wooden floors set up with bunk beds) to watch germany play their game and then off to bed. Andrew was at the train station and off to Frankfurt by 6am Monday morning.  Paul and I headed back to Coburg later that morning.

It was a great trip and I’m glad Andrew got to travel to Europe for his first time leaving the states (instead of Canada like I had planned last summer…)

DESIGNTAGE SHOP!!!  So this is the BIG project that Paul and I worked on with a group of German students for the whole month of May.  The shop opened on Friday 29 May and was open till 6 June.  The shop sold enough products to make 5,000€! In previous years only 1,000€ was made.  Designtage is one of the main reasons Paul and I came to Coburg.

2 inseparable groups: Sabine+Jana=Sabana  &  Christa+Paul=Paula

start of summer (May/June) in Coburg

During the end of May, Coburg lets all the “fraternities” in Germany(which are mostly formed by politics) hold a long weekend of partying and rituals.  On Sunday night they have a big gathering where they march to the center Marktplatz and throw fired torches into the middle.  Our German friends told us if we wanted to see what Germany was like during the 40’s we should see it, SO SCARY.


Some of our friends were finished studying abroad in Italy and while they were doing their “after travels” they stopped for a few days in Coburg.  We took them to the Castle, some of our favorite bars/restaurants and to Nurnberg for Blaue Nacht (or blue night), where the city is all lite up with blue lights and all the museums are open and a bunch of other things are going on.  It was a ton of fun and we’re so glad they stopped by to visit.

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Field Trip for Kitchen Studio & Mom and Bill visit Coburg

We drove for 5 hours to Northwestern Germany to go to Ballerina Kuchen for about 5 hours and then drove 5 more hours back, which included a fun stop.  I learned a lot and am excited to design a kitchen for my class.

Mom and Bill came to visit on the 11th of May. They were able to see my apartment and the design campus and meet Valerie. After checking into their hotel, we went and got Coburger bratwursts and then we did the long walk up to the castle so that they could see the grounds and the view of the town.  After, I gave them a city tour to see the city gates, a few churches, the rose garden and more. Paul and I took Mom and Bill to eat dinner at the Hungry Highlander and then went to our favorite ice cream spot for dessert. Before Mom and Bill left for Munich the next morning, we went to a wonderful cafe for breakfast.

Berlin- 9th of May

We got up early to drive from Hamburg to Berlin.  After going on a little adventure because of our GPS and hotel location, we found a hotel closer to the city.  Mom, Bill and I spent the day walking around Berlin to get our bearings, going past Checkpoint Charlie, going into the Topography of Terrors and then walking to the Alexanderplatz area where we had lunch at a little restaurant outside.  We continued our walk, going through a market, getting some ice cream and looking at books outside of Humboldt University.  I said bye to Mom and Bill at the train station and rode the train back to Coburg so I could go on a field trip for a class the following day.  Mom and Bill stayed in Berlin for another day and then drove to Coburg to visit.

Hamburg- 8th of May

We woke up in Amsterdam and hit the road for a 4 hour drive to Hamburg, through the north shore of the Netherlands.  When we got to Hamburg we walked around the city past the Rathaus (town hall), an old church that had been bombed during the wars and into St. Michael’s Church.  We ended at the harbor to join in the celebration of the 821st birthday of the harbor which included ship tours and a huge carnival.  We bought freshly made pretzels and a bratwurst to share. We walked back to our hotel area through the main park area in hamburg, very beautiful.  We finished the day by eating dinner at a little Italian restaurant while we watched an equestrian show happening in Spain.

Amsterdam- 7th of May

I took the overnight train to Amsterdam to meet up with Mom and Bill.  We spent a great day in Amsterdam going on the free city walking tour, eating lunch at a little cafe, touring the Anne Frank house, visiting the Van Gough museum and then eating dinner at a fabulous little restaurant. 

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with all the canals and wonderful buildings. 

Springtime in Coburg 2

After Valerie cooked for Paul and I, we decided to have American Night for Valerie and Sebastian.  I cooked made burgers and fried french fries and cut up pineapple.  For dessert we had chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream.

We went to a Movie/TV Star Costume Party hosted by Katta and Jen.  Paul was Forrest Gump, I was Phoebe Buffay, Sebastian was Jarvis from Iron Man and Valerie was Carrie Bradshaw.  Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, Audrey Hepburne and many more also made an appearance.

Springtime in Coburg

Well spring has sprung, kind of, the weather has been a little strange but we’ve had some absolutely beautiful days too.  Paul and I finished up our German class, which also included some French.  I made the mistake of telling our teacher that I had troubles pronouncing things sometimes because I took French for 4+ years and from then on whenever I didn’t understand what she was trying to say to me in German, she’s tell me in French…. oh dear.  We also got to go to Springfest Carnival.  They have a carnival for Spring and Fall and then a really big one for Summer. Our friends here were embarrassed by it but we loved it, especially the fireworks!

I have finally included in this album pictures of my “apartment” for those of you that have not had the skype tour yet.